Does Sea Moss Have Medicinal Benefits

Multiple studies have been performed with sea moss, including those by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Traditionally used in Jamaica as an ingredient in cooking and for skin care, dieticians and scientists agree that sea moss has medicinal benefits. Sea moss absorbs vitamins and minerals from the ocean where […]

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Is Jamaican Sea Moss an Aphrodisiac?

Sea moss has traditionally been used in the Caribbean as a natural libido enhancer for men and a fertility aid for women. Many claim it’s a natural aphrodisiac, but it’s important to understand the meaning of aphrodisiac. First, it’s not a magic love potion. An aphrodisiac is any substance that works to increase arousal, sexual […]

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Vestibulum rutrum mi nec

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Praesent porttitor nulla vitae posuere

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Pellentesque dapibus hendrerit

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Why Sea moss is gaining Popularity

Sea moss has been used for centuries in traditional medicine around the world. What people know as modern medicine only came about in the 18th century and many of the medications used today were developed from the botanicals many individuals refer to as folk medicine. In recent years, there’s been a movement by people around […]

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Seamoss: Topical vs. Consuming

There’s a debate raging among users of Jamaican sea moss that centers around whether it’s more effective and beneficial when consumed or if applied directly to the skin. Jamaican sea moss is equally beneficial whether it’s consumed or applied topically. However, it will largely depend on the purpose for which an individual is using sea […]

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