There’s a significant body of research indicating that sea moss can help people lose some extra pounds. Results will vary, of course, based on the individual. One of the reasons that people are ingesting it for weight loss is that it promotes a feeling of fullness so individuals eat less. It’s also low in calories.

Many people also have problems with digestion that makes them retain food in the digestive system longer than it should. As an ocean-based vegetable, sea moss contains soluble fiber that promotes digestion, elimination and gut health that’s essential for a healthy immune system. Sea moss contains prebiotics that supports beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables high in fiber assist is reducing the amount of fat stored within the body. Everyone has a certain number of fat cells. As weight is gained, those cells become larger. When weight is lost, the cells become smaller. As appetite is reduced via sea moss, the body begins to burn stored fat.

In papers by registered dietitian, Beth Czerwony and published by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in the U.S., sea moss is a superfood that has multiple benefits, including weight less due to its high fiber content. The fiber content can help with blood sugar control and aids in lowering cholesterol that can benefit people with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sea moss contains citrulline-arginine, an amino acid that scientists have been studying as a potential source of weight loss supplements. Those studies indicate that increasing the levels of citrulline can be beneficial for individuals trying to lose weight. The same studies show that sea moss can improve metabolism and make a positive impact on muscle.

An added benefit is the high levels of iodine contained in sea moss. The body doesn’t manufacture its own iodine and sufficient intake must be acquired by consuming foods that contain the mineral. Iodine is critical for the popular functioning of the thyroid that helps regulate a person’s individual rate of metabolism.

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