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Guinea hen weed 

is found in the Amazon rainforest and tropical areas of Central and South America, the Caribbean & Africa. It has a long history as a medicinal plant in the Amazon, where it is known as Anamu. Its main use is for colds and as a pain reliever for headaches, rheumatism and arthritis.

The plant is said to have magical powers and is commonly used in magic rituals. The root is said to be more powerful than the leaves. The strong smelling leaves would be scattered around the room to “to keep away duppies” (unfriendly spirits).

Its traditional use for arthritis and rheumatism has been supported by research, which shows it does have anti-inflammatory properties and may stimulate the immune system.

Plant-screening tests have also shown that it contains chemicals active against some types of cancer cells, including forms of leukaemia and breast cancer, although the effect varies. Other studies claim it is active against many strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast.


Main Actions 

 1 anti-cancerous

 2 anti-viral

 3 anti-candidal

 4 anti-bacterial

 5 immune stimulant

Main Uses:

 1 for cancer and leukemia

 2 for immune disorders (to stimulate immune function and immune cell production)

 3 for colds, flu, and viruses

 4 for Candida and other yeast infections

 5 for urinary tract infections

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