Sarsaparilla Roots




SARSAPARILLA® contains a high concentration of iron fluorine that is essential for various bodily functions. Without enough iron fluorine, over 40 different diseases can afflict a person. This root is known to treat liver disease, respiratory disorders, fevers, and promote hair growth. It also aids in muscle growth, increases blood flow, reverses fertility issues, and premenstrual problems. Studies have also shown that SARSAPARILLA® can alleviate depression and anxiety related to menopause. Iron fluorine not only destroys cancer cells but also rebuilds red blood cells and eventually shrinks tumors. Without adequate iron, energy levels decrease, and the immune system weakens, making the body more prone to diseases. This also affects brain function, leading to decreased energy and poor thinking. SARSAPARILLA® is also beneficial in treating various other conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, fungus, and high blood pressure.

To prepare SARSAPARILLA®, boil half a palm of the root in two cups of spring water for five minutes, then let it simmer for fifteen minutes until the water turns brown. Strain it, and drink one cup when you wake up and one cup before bed.

The ingredient used in SARSAPARILLA® is Sarsaparilla Root from Jamacia

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