Spanish Niddle Herbs




Spanish Needle, is a herb widely used in traditional medicine for its numerous benefits. Some of the benefits are:

1. Treats Bacterial Infections

2. Reduces inflammation and pain in the Muscles, Joints, and Tissues to prevent Rheumatism

3. Alleviates Conjunctivitis

4. Enhances abdominal function and prevents Abdominal Diseases

5. Helps with stomach problems and relieves Stomach Ache

6. Improves glucose supply to every cell of the body

7. Acts as a tonic when the leaves and flowers are used

8. Purifies the blood and removes Blood Impurity

9. Protects throat and wards off Throat Disorders

10. Reduces Abscess

11. Heals cuts when applied as an infusion from boiled leaves

12. Reduces Angina and supplies Blood to the Heart Muscles

13. May help with Diabetes

14. Reduces inflammation in the Larynx to avoid Laryngitis

15. Stops Vomiting and itching

16. Cures heart diseases

17. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells to prevent Cancer

18. Treats Dysentery

19. Provides relief from Difficult Menses

20. Regulates watery fluids in the Cells, Tissues, and Serous Cavities to prevent Edema

21. Treats jaundice

22. Prevents inflammation in the Liver to stop causing Hepatitis

23. Alleviates Headache.

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