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Can Sea Moss help with Weight Loss?

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Sea moss has a wide variety of benefits due to its extensive array of vitamins and minerals the body needs to maintain good health. It’s been used as a weight-loss aid for centuries due to its ability to make people feel full longer so they eat less. Research indicates it also acts much like fiber in the body to regulate and support digestive health and sea moss is a source of prebiotics.

Some research results have indicated that sea moss can aid in reducing overall body fat mass and fat accumulation that can lead to obesity and insulin resistance. While more studies need to be conducted, early results have shown that sea moss has the potential to break down stored fat and promote fat burning.

An added benefit is that when people feel fuller longer, they’re less likely to engage in binge eating that leads to weight gain. One of the great things about sea moss is that it has very little flavor on its own. It can be used as an ingredient in smoothies or steeped as a tea. In gel form, sea moss can be used in a variety of dishes.

Sea moss can aid in suppressing intense hunger cravings that sabotage many diet plans. A lack of sufficient iodine levels can make people feel depressed, which often results in emotional eating. Individuals with iodine deficiency also exhibit cognition and memory difficulties. Sea moss can aid in alleviating all of those situations.

It’s important for individuals to know that sea moss contains significant amounts of iodine – one of the reasons it’s so popular – but care should be taken when using it. Pregnant and lactating women shouldn’t use sea moss, along with people that are taking blood thinners or have existing thyroid-related problems and conditions.

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