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Gold vs. Purple Sea Moss

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There are two types of sea moss that people will find on the market. One belongs to the Genus Gracilaria and the other is Chondrus Crispus. The former is the Jamaican sea moss and the type that grows in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Both varieties grow naturally in multiple colors, including purple and gold/white.

The type of purple sea moss that’s harvested in Jamaica grows in a branching, fan-like manner and attains a length of up to 20 centimeters (7.87 inches). Jamaican sea moss grows in the ocean and when lengths break off and wash onto a rocky shore, it clings to the rocks and anchors itself there. It will continue to grow if left alone.

Jamaican sea moss is harvested in the traditional way as it washes onto the rocks to ensure it retains all the natural health benefits. It’s not grown in underwater farms. While white/gold sea moss grows in that color naturally, it can also exhibit the color when exposed to sunlight – known as light processing.

Sea moss absorbs the nutrients it needs from the ocean’s water and when harvested, it maintains those vitamins and minerals that can represent 10 times the nutritional value of land-based plants. It’s also interesting to note that researchers estimate that sea moss is responsible for producing up to 80 percent of the organic matter on the planet and produces 90 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

The only real difference between white/gold sea moss and purple sea moss is the color. Both types contain an amazing 92 out of 102 essential minerals the body requires for health. It’s also a great source of antioxidants that aid in neutralizing free radicals that can damage the body at the cellular level. It doesn’t matter whether white or purple sea moss is selected, both colors will provide individuals with a wealth of essential minerals.

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