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Unique and Nutritious Smoothie Ingredients

Once considered exclusively as a sweet treat, they transitioned into the realm of a healthy drink. Smoothies have become one of the most popular beverages of the past 10 years. Highly versatile, they can be substituted for any meal of the day or consumed as a nutritious snack. Smoothies offer an ideal solution for busy […]

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Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

There are approximately 2 million people around the globe that live with an iodine deficiency and they don’t even know it, since only about 50 million individuals demonstrate clinical symptoms. Despite efforts to widely distribute iodized salt, it’s a continuing problem around the world even in developed countries. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that’s […]

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Water Soluble vs. Fat Soluble Vitamins

Millions of people around the world take a daily vitamin supplement. However, few really think about the vitamins they take, but there are two very different types. They’re absorbed differently and are eliminated from the body at different rates, which will have an effect on their efficacy and an individual’s overall health. They fall into […]

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Foods That Boost Your Immunity

There are a lot of foods that boost the immune system that you can eat on a daily basis. Some are more beneficial than others, though, because each one addresses one of the three primary functions of our body: digestion, circulation and elimination. For example, some foods that boost your immunity include turmeric, ginger, green […]

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How Antioxidants help your Body

Antioxidants are substances that help the body neutralize free radicals. The body creates its own antioxidant compounds to protect it. However, the levels of free radicals can accumulate and surpass the body’s own ability to neutralize them. Free radicals cause oxidative stress within the body and causes damage at the cellular level. The body is […]

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How Anti-Inflammatory Foods Work

[wpecpp name=”purple sea moss” price=”35″ align=”right”]There are a great number of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in easing the pain of arthritis and problems associated with chronic conditions. Consuming a regular diet of anti-inflammatory foods can assist over the long-term and offers a healthier alternative to processed foods, many of which contain […]

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Pros and Cons of a Plant-Based Diet

In the interests of health and reducing animal cruelty in the meat industry, many people are turning to a plant-based diet. It’s possible to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that the body needs, but there are some things everyone needs to know before converting to a plant-based diet. What is it? A plant-based diet […]

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4 Superfoods to Consider for Optimal Health

Jamaica is known for far more than its white-sand beaches. The island nation is also home to a variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and offerings from the ocean that have been classified as a superfood. To be classified as a superfood, the product must be extremely dense in multiple types of nutrients the body requires […]

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