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Pros and Cons of a Plant-Based Diet

Pros and Cons of a Plant-Based Diet

In the interests of health and reducing animal cruelty in the meat industry, many people are turning to a plant-based diet. It’s possible to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that the body needs, but there are some things everyone needs to know before converting to a plant-based diet.

What is it?

A plant-based diet eliminates many common foods that include eggs, dairy and honey, along with all meat, fish and poultry. Instead, individuals consume fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and whole grains. It eliminates processed foods with added sugar and oils.


Plant-based diets are completely safe, provided that individuals approach them in the correct way. People will need to plan their diets to ensure no nutritional deficiencies occur. Individuals should also transition slowly to a plant-based diet, particularly those that typically eat large amounts of meat, to avoid digestive upsets. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be added if desired.

Consuming a diet that’s plant-based is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fats that aid in reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Plants are high in fiber for digestive health and rich in vitamins. Plants contain antioxidants that assist in neutralizing free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging. Plant-based diets are an excellent way to lose weight.

A concern for many people is that they won’t get enough protein and calcium. Protein is required to maintain muscle mass, healthy skin, and strong bones. This can be achieved by consuming foods such as brown rice, beans and legumes, oats and nuts.

Calcium needs can be fulfilled with vegetables such as broccoli and kale, both of which have high calcium levels. Many individuals also incorporate Jamaican sea moss into their diet as it contains more than 10 essential vitamins and 92 minerals the body needs.


A plant-based diet requires individuals to change their eating habits and invest some thought into what they’re consuming. It also requires more effort as individuals will need to physically prepare the majority of the foods themselves. Adapting to a plant-based diet requires time and can’t be accomplished overnight. The body will require time to adjust and rid itself of toxins that have accumulated through previous consumption of fast foods and processed items that are commonplace.

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