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Nutrition from the Sea

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The term nutrition is typically equated with eating specific foods, but it also means how foods that are consumed affect the overall health and wellness of the body. In the latter sense, Jamaica sea moss is truly nutrition from the sea.

It contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs for healthy functioning, along with numerous vitamins and antioxidants. An added benefit is its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Nutrition comes from a variety of sources and sea moss can easily be one of them.

Many foods lose a significant amount of their natural nutrients when cooked or otherwise processed for consumption. Sea moss retains its efficacy when transitioned into sea moss gel for cooking, baking or incorporated into smoothies and similar beverages. Sea moss is an excellent source of energy as a post-workout recovery tonic when a small amount of gel is added.

Sea moss provides nutrients that benefit multiple systems throughout the body. It gives the immune system a boost that aids in resisting illness and disease. It helps with health of bones, the heart, strengthens connective tissue, and aids in blood production. Sea moss also helps with digestion and metabolic rate. It can assist individuals maintain a healthy weight due to its iodine content the thyroid needs to function in weight maintenance.

The sea vegetable is most often utilized as a consumable, but it also benefits the skin when used as a nourishing facial mask. Sea moss gel can be applied to the skin to hydrate, tighten, provide more suppleness, and mitigate the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. It’s beneficial for those with acne and similar skin conditions, along with skin that’s dry and flakey.

As a hair and scalp treatment, it nourishes, strengthens, and gives hair shine. It’s great for rejuvenating dull and dry looking hair. Another advantage is that sea moss can address skin conditions of the scalp.

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