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Why Sea moss is gaining Popularity

Sea moss has been used for centuries in traditional medicine around the world. What people know as modern medicine only came about in the 18th century and many of the medications used today were developed from the botanicals many individuals refer to as folk medicine. In recent years, there’s been a movement by people around the globe toward naturopathic remedies that utilize therapies encompassing massage, acupuncture, and botanicals that include herbs and sea moss.

Sea moss is more popular than ever due to the vitamins and minerals it contains that the body needs to function properly. It contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body requires. It’s much easier to add Jamaican sea moss to a smoothie or incorporate it into a favorite dish than trying to keep a cabinet full of health supplements.

The bounty from the ocean is also rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Sea moss contains vitamins A, B, C, D, B12, B2, B1, E and K, along with vitamin F that’s actually two fatty acids the body needs for cell development and growth. Those vitamins are essential for a variety of purposes ranging from preventing excessive bleeding to maintaining a healthy heart and bones.

There are dozens of bacteria, viruses and fungi in the environment that can result in illness. Sea moss contains anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Those abilities are still present after sea moss is harvested and transitioned into a gel used in cooking. Consuming sea moss aids in bolstering a healthy immune system and promoting digestive health.

One of the areas in which sea moss really shines is its antioxidant properties. The body makes its own antioxidants, but free radicals from outside pollutants can accumulate and overwhelm the body’s own natural defenses. Free radicals cause damage at the cellular level, opening the door to illness, disease and early signs of aging. Sea moss can aid in minimizing those effects.

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