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Why Sea moss is gaining Popularity

Sea moss has been used for centuries in traditional medicine around the world. What people know as modern medicine only came about in the 18th century and many of the medications used today were developed from the botanicals many individuals refer to as folk medicine. In recent years, there’s been a movement by people around […]

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What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

By itself, sea moss doesn’t have much flavor, but it can have a slight seaweed taste, which is why it’s typically used in smoothies, juices and similar foods after it’s been transitioned into a gel form. It’s also a natural biological thickening agent that many cooks use in stews, soups, homemade ice cream, and even […]

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The Difference Between Jamaican Sea Moss and Irish Moss

Even though people are flocking to Jamaican sea moss, there’s also confusion about exactly what it is and much of that puzzlement stems from the many terms used to describe it. Names have been used interchangeably, leading to misconceptions. First and foremost, sea moss is seaweed and seaweed is a type of algae. There are […]

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Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

There are approximately 2 million people around the globe that live with an iodine deficiency and they don’t even know it, since only about 50 million individuals demonstrate clinical symptoms. Despite efforts to widely distribute iodized salt, it’s a continuing problem around the world even in developed countries. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that’s […]

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Foods That Boost Your Immunity

There are a lot of foods that boost the immune system that you can eat on a daily basis. Some are more beneficial than others, though, because each one addresses one of the three primary functions of our body: digestion, circulation and elimination. For example, some foods that boost your immunity include turmeric, ginger, green […]

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Pros and Cons of a Plant-Based Diet

In the interests of health and reducing animal cruelty in the meat industry, many people are turning to a plant-based diet. It’s possible to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that the body needs, but there are some things everyone needs to know before converting to a plant-based diet. What is it? A plant-based diet […]

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