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Seamoss: Topical vs. Consuming

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There’s a debate raging among users of Jamaican sea moss that centers around whether it’s more effective and beneficial when consumed or if applied directly to the skin. Jamaican sea moss is equally beneficial whether it’s consumed or applied topically. However, it will largely depend on the purpose for which an individual is using sea moss on which delivery method they choose.


Sea moss is available as a ready-to-use gel that can be added to foods ranging from smoothies and baked goods to soups and stews. Ingesting sea moss is an excellent way to partake of its vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidant properties for the entire body.

After consuming sea moss, the entire body uses the vitamins and minerals it contains. The benefits are primarily internal for the healthy functioning of the body. The advantages are more widespread and won’t focus on a particular part of the body over others.

Topical Application

However, for those with skin conditions or concerns, sea moss gel can be more effective when applied directly to the skin due to its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It aids in reducing the number of oily secretions produced by the body. Applying sea moss directly to the skin as a facial can benefit those suffering from acne. It’s equally advantageous when applied to the hair to nourish, shine and address scalp conditions.

Jamaican sea moss is also a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer. It hydrates the skin for increased suppleness, tightness and is beneficial for alleviating dry, flakey skin. Sea moss excels as an antioxidant agent and can help mitigate the lines and wrinkles associated with aging. It’s an ingredient in many name-brand skincare products, but at a much lower level than when sea moss gel is applied directly to the skin.

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